We are a diverse team of industry professionals with a common background and goal; improving quality of life by making healthcare affordable and accessible.

Drawing upon the strength of individual team members in the field of medical science, health care and management, we set to establish a state of the art and comprehensive foot and ankle care under one roof.

Our management team is represented by a set of committed and experienced doctors and professionals from across the healthcare spectrum.


  • Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  • Gopal Bajaj

Promoters / Investors

  • Vinayak P. Nandalike
  • Sumit Dutta
  • G. Krishnamurthy

Together, we aim to provide:

Therapy for Minor Foot Conditions
Sprains, corns, calluses, over pronation or over supination, aches and pains in the foot, warts, neuromas etc.

Wound Care
Treatment of chronic wounds due to various causes.

Foot & Ankle Surgery
All minor/major surgeries that may or may not include an amputation. (Debridement, Grafting, Stenting etc.)

Diabetic Footcare
Diagnostics, Treatments and Surgeries for all Minor and Major foot ailments related to Diabetes.

Home Care
Reaching out to you at home for like nail care, dressing, warm oxygen therapy, customized off loaders and insoles and certain diagnostics. Contact us for more information.

Foot & Ankle Wellness
Services and assessments for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Nail and foot care for senior citizens and pedicure, foot reflexology.

Customized insoles, footwear, socks, splints, braces etc.